Space Junk, Falling

Today brings the news that a team of amateur U.K. astronomers led by Nick Howes claim they’re “98 percent convinced” they’ve discovered where the ‘Snoopy’ Lunar Module has ended up, 50 years after it was used in preparation for NASA’s moon landing in 1969.


Apollo 10 was one of these preparatory missions. Astronauts flew a lunar module, nicknamed “Snoopy”, nearly all the way to the Moon during Apollo 10, and then shot the module off into space once they’d completed their task.

We weren’t so concerned with polluting the galaxy back in those early days of space flight. The module was sent into an orbit around the sun beyond the Moon after the astronauts had finished with it, and NASA did not track its trajectory. Litter bugs!

The team of amateur researchers has been working since 2011, and reports springing up online confirm they have more than a hunch of where Snoopy has got to. We just hope that Snoopy isn’t falling back to Earth.

Today, it is easier than ever to track the debris we are leaving in space. However, the amount of space junk is increasing more rapidly than ever, and, much as our earth-based pollution begins to reach critical mass, so too will the debris in our solar system.

Wikipedia states: “As of 5 July 2016, the United States… tracked a total of 17,852 artificial objects in orbit above the Earth.” That’s a lot of junk. And since we haven’t dealt with the waste currently choking our seas and the life in them, as well as causing havoc for developing nations around the globe, it may be a while before a deep-clean in deep-space is a priority.

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