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“Temporal Comet is a mix of indie synthwave, with dark, atmospheric synths and vocal loops. Poignant and potent songs for 2019... and beyond”

Singer MJ Moon has been making music since his teens, playing in myriad bands and writing diverse and eclectic songs, mostly home-produced.

Hugo - who plays drums and piano as well as producing music - met MJ in 2016 while they were the rhythm section of London band ‘Worldwide Welshman and Beyond’. The two became friends and began working on sounds that straddle the ever-blurring lines between ‘indie with guitars and drums’ and electronic music with 808 sounds and vocal loops.

Their sound has been compared to Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Portishead, New Order, Talking Heads and Bonobo.


By creating forward-looking music with nostalgic sounds, mixing organic and electronic elements*, Temporal Comet hopes to offer an exciting alternative through their live and recorded music; equally inclusive and challenging in its approach.

*Imagine a banana with a bionic arm