Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's 2019...

… and a lot of cables…

Hey Comets. Welcome to 2019!

💥 The year has started with a bang 💥. New planets being discovered, new songs being written and good news reported recently on climate change - we were particularly excited to see that, since 2015 when the UK introduced a charge on plastic bags in shops, there has been, just two years later, a 37% decrease in the amount of plastic bags found polluting our environment!

New Videos

Following the successful release of our music video in December ‘18, we wanted to thank you all for watching so many times and sharing the clip over 100 times between you!

So, to say thanks, here’s a video of Carry (bass) and MJ (vox) playing an acoustic version of ‘Rising’. Have a look here. Carry is playing acoustic gtr, MJ has too many stripes:


We are continuing to work on our acoustic set - contact us if you’d like to us play acoustically at your venue, mission HQ, bar or Circus tent!

New Music

The recently mixed and mastered tracks (including ‘Rising’) are currently being launched on Spotify, iTunes and all your favourite music streaming platforms; do stay tuned near the release date of Feb 4th 2019.

New Live set-up

(equals more cables…)


Discovering how best to play our songs for you has been an engaging challenge… In the past when Temporal Comet performed, some of the more complicated electronic sounds were pre-recorded to make our lives easier.

Roland SPD-SX

Roland SPD-SX

However, now with the addition of Hugo' (drummer)’s Roland SPD-SX, we can trigger all sorts of extra sounds, from ELECTRONIC DRUMS to SYNTH PADS and SOUND EFFECTS making Temporal Comet live sets more live!

Roland RC-505 Looper

Roland RC-505 Looper

We are working with the SPD-SX to create beats that complement Hugo’s acoustic drum kit, and adding in synth sounds, as well as live synths, guitar and vocals. This is all fed into a Roland RC-505 loop station (click for video) so that MJ and the band can bring you great live-looping songs!

The RC-505 is the nerve centre of Temporal Comet’s music! You can see it at the start and end of our video clip for ‘Rising’.

Know of any great venues/ event spaces? Let us know! We’re always looking for new and innovative spaces to play.