Comet is coming...

With news of ‘Ouamuamua’ still appearing in the media, The Metro has published an article about a Chistmas Comet, taken from Sky and Telescope Magazine. Read the original article here.


The object measures more than 1 km wide, and will zoom by at a safe distance of seven million miles from Earth on December 16, but will still be visible in the skies for several days afterwards.

Ouamuamua (named in Hawaiian because of where it was observed) passed Earth in November 2017 and has prompted a proliferation of theories and debate.

We’ll be looking to the skies, but also to our screens as the release of Temporal Comet’s video will coincide with the passing of Comet 46P in December. Watch out for the video by staying tuned to Temporal Comet on Facebook.

Here’s a clip:

Whatever your views on happenings 2000 years ago, for some the imminent passing of this latest piece of detritus from space will add to the romanticism of the festive season. For others, Comet 46P/ Wirtanen’s sighting will be an early Xmas gift. How about you? Leave your comments down below!