Creating forward-looking music with nostalgic sounds, mixing organic and electronic elements, Temporal Comet hopes to offer an exciting alternative through live and recorded music; equally inclusive and challenging in its approach.

Singer MJ has been making music forever, playing in bands & home-producing his diverse songs.

Hugo, who plays drums and piano - and produces music - met MJ in 2016. The two became friends and began working on Temporal Comet.

Their sound has been compared to Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Portishead, New Order, Talking Heads and Bonobo.


Temporal Comet strives to create compelling content, evolving and expanding the universe in which the band is rooted.

@fllunt, for ‘Anticipation’

@fllunt, for ‘Anticipation’

The band focuses on collaboration.

Their 2019 single release ‘Anticipation’ embodies this commitment - the band produced a song, a remix, social media content, artwork with @fllunt and a lyric video.