Multiverse Diary - Part 1

Ever wondered what’s up there? Our universe has baffled, fascinated and challenged thousands of humans throughout history.

Maybe we have always asked ourselves “What if we’re not alone here?”. We used to think it was us down here and (perhaps) another race up in space. but what if, imperceptible to us, there's a whole other universe overlapping our own?

Public awareness is growing, along with hunger for more information - it’s another exotic and fantastic idea, that fills us with wonder. And it’s these theories with the biggest “Woaaaaaah” factor that are most likely to find their way into public consciousness., always a source of fascination and wonder, published a great article a year ago:

“Our best physical theories predict that a multiverse exists. But if we can’t test it, is it really scientific?”

It’s a great read if you want to know more. Link at the bottom!

Meanwhile, Temporal Comet has been investigating those corners of the galaxy that are most overlooked, peering into nebulous nooks and cosmic crannies. And our orbit around the galaxy has provided us with some incredible experiences. Here’s a little excerpt from our diary:


Day 516 -

We find ourselves being lured, like a fish on a hook before it realises its been caught, drifting slowly, but not in the direction we had planned. We are thrown from our confusion by the sight of a pin-sized absence of light in the distance, towards which we are travelling. along with other rocks and space debris.

The dark procession moves forward, as if on a conveyor belt, and there is no avoiding it.

As we approach the ergosphere of the black hole, time slows. We try to cook a pizza while we wait, but 8 days later, the oven has only heated to 50°C (122.0 °F). We play Cards against Humanity, and Hugo wins 8,000,561 games in a row. Eventually, we come to the event horizon, where a strange phenomenon occurs…

Before we can fully comprehend our eyes, we stop at a large metal fence, where a man dressed in carnival attire waves us forwards. We now see that the interior of the black hole is a kind of cosmic roller-coaster, extending further than the eye can see. Bright, flashing lights are discernible, and the sound of music, of synthesisers and drums, echoes towards us before being drowned out by the sound of machinery. Cranking and grinding of gears fills our ears, and the ride has begun. The roller-coaster starts slowly but rapidly increases its speed until we are sure we are travelling beyond the speed of light (we remember that feeling of having very wobbly bones from last time).

Faster and faster we hurtle, free falling

Arpeggiated Moog sounds are reverberating all around us, until suddenly, there is only darkness, and we feel we are no longer on the cosmic contraption that brought us here (wherever that is), but somewhere entirely new.

We are quickly revived from our confusion as we continue falling, through cloud-stream and back to terra firma. We look around, this appears to be Earth. But something looks different… this doesn’t smell like Earth…

Come back soon for the next part of our Multiverse Diary…

And what were we listening to while careening around the galaxy?

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A Black HOle -

This image from 1978 has grounding in data. Astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Luminet made this drawing of a black hole based on calculations of general relativity, with an early IBM punch-card computer.

Luminet took the resulting data points and marked them by hand onto photographic paper with black ink, creating the first realistic rendering of a black hole. article @

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