Multiverse Diary - Part 2

Remember the other week, when we beamed you all our diary entry from the edge of the galaxy? Well here’s part 2, where we start to explore what’s going on in this other world we have been deposited into…

It took some time to grow accustomed to this new atmosphere. We wave our hands in front of our faces, and concentrating on our fingers, try to count 1 - 2 - 3 - 4. Shapes begin to emerge, wavelength patterns…

The air seems thinner, or at least, less easy to breathe. There is a different colour to everything, as if this strange land has been run through the washing machine too often at 60°…

And then, suddenly, as if someone had turned on a galactic kitchen extractor fan, a great column of smoke consumes us, plunging us into darkness. Gradually, as though this place was a giant Etch-a-Sketch being shaken, lines and shapes disappear; the world we had been standing on moments earlier… gone.

Ladies and gentlemen, we were floating in space - alongside the inhabitants of the planet we had just found ourselves on moments before.

As if this wasn’t strange enough, we quickly realised that this other race of people had no idea what was going on. They hadn’t seemed to realise that their home had gone up in smoke. Humanoid forms, silhouetted by the corona of a nearby star, continued punching the keys on their computers, and swiping screens, oblivious to the apparent destruction we had witnessed.

Propelling ourselves through the void, we tried to grab the attention of these now-space-dwelling people. We waved our arms, we fired solar flares, we even tried shouting “Hey you kids!”… no answer.

Anticipation Logo a BRIGHTER SM.png

Regrouping on a passing asteroid, we stopped to think. The Anticipation was palpable in the air. How could we get through to this newly-homeless, floating population?