Yamaha cs-1x

A versatile synthesizer from 1996, this Yamaha has analogue-style stuff going on, and can be used for an array of different sounds. It was initially a headache to modify the sounds but we are slowly getting there!

The synth was bought for a low low price from an Italian man in the north of Paris (NB: we love leboncoin) and Jessica uses this blue beauty as her main live keyboard. At least, she will use it until we have lost all the control buttons, which keep falling off.

The synth was used by everyone from David Bowie to Underworld and so we are lucky to have this little bit of 90s EDM history.



ARIA PRO II PRECISE Bass - Matsumoku 'precision' luthering from the late 1970s, this bass has served MJ since, aged 14, he paid £120 (€160) for this Fender copy, before he could even play a note.

PEAVEY TKO 65 AMP - extremely loud, extremely heavy.


- Electro-Harmonix POG2 - Generating 4 octaves above and below the original input tone, the POG 2 gives  MJ that synth-bass edge onstage.

- Digitech Bad Monkey Overdrive - The Bad Monkey is badly named but sounds great, and the Bass and Treble controls allow you to create a rich bass overdrive or very high guitar noise.

- Line 6 Echo Park Delay - Loaded with fab features such as reverse delay, the Echo Park is a stompbox to be reckoned with