News just in from our Comet monitoring station!

Comet 168P/Hergenrother is making an approach past Earth close enough for us to see the comet in the night sky!

Find out where the comet is at The Sky Live.

The Sky Live explains: "From London, it will be visible in the dawn sky, rising at 21:16 (BST) and reaching an altitude of 53Β° above the eastern horizon before fading from view as dawn breaks around 04:25."

However, speaking to Mirror Online, Robert Massey, Deputy Director of the Royal Astronomical Society, explained that the chances of seeing it are fairly low.

He said: "The problem is that no one has actually seen the comet this year, and in any case it would be pretty faint."

Happy Comet Watching to anyone looking for Comet 168P/Hergenrother!

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