Multiverse Diary - Part 3

Imagine you couldn’t imagine where you were. Consider that, if you were somewhere with no reference points, nothing you recognised, it would be quite difficult to describe it.


In this world of immediacy, we find it hard to consider a cognitive black-hole, let alone a real one! The most powerful cameras on Earth can only guess, interpreting minuscule dots of light. We can’t even take a selfie, cos the smartphone is out of battery.

Describing the unknown is an honour only reserved for a very few, these days. Gone are the days of Magellan, Ameryk and that cruel betrayer of humanity, Columbus. (how ironic his name!). Exploration is reserved for those scientists on the fringe of the known world. Exploring infinitesimally tiny organisms, or realising and revealing millions of types of undiscovered matter…

Our latest adventures brought us to a place that seemed like Earth. It appeared the colours were inverted, and the plains were mysteriously hazy, as if the edges of things were still being defined. Perhaps this was a world where every organism, living or not, made conscious, reactive choices based on its whim, its environment or its observers. A landscape in the distance, evocative of the Great Plains of America, decided to mysteriously morph into a huge rice paddy before our eyes. A line of trees that marked a walkway suddenly spilled their confines and became great green lakes, undulating in the same way that leaves do when subjected to strong gusts.

As soon as it was day, it was night. A dense fog grabbed at our extremities. You couldn’t see where we ended and the vapour began. Before we knew it, the temperature started to rise. The earth below us turned red, and glowed. This trip was getting dangerous!

The ground continued to burn, until it wasn’t any ground anymore, but raging flames, unraveling and travelling up around our legs… the smoke snaked in and out… There was only one way out of this: … a considerable effort to stay present, and breathe calmly brought us back to clarity. The smoke lifted and our heart-rates returned to something like normal.

Any more than this, we cannot say. The data has been plotted, and we are waiting for analysis. We continue to travel, ever closer to Earth. Although it occasionally seems like we are just getting further way from humanity.

Meanwhile, we have written songs about this strange place - our surroundings and experience are always the strongest smells when it comes to writing! Our latest song, Anticipation, is coming soon… Can you hold your breath til then?

Be the moment, burn like fire…