To The Moon operated a hyper-drive capable space-going vehicle from 2006-2014, before mJ decided to concentrate on Temporal Comet. There are, of course, crossovers, and mJ and Dennis still produce together on occasion, but the new chunk of rock is a separate project and mJ's main focus. 

More info (for archival purposes) about TTM is below...

 mJ on-stage in London, 2013

 mJ on-stage in London, 2013

mJ Moon

mJ Moon plays guitar, bass guitar and synths, and is the lead singer in To The Moon.

After playing in rock, indie and blues bands, including a five-piece version of To The Moon, mJ decided that the best path forward would be to combine and balance his strengths and Dennis', adapting TTM to the group it is today - cutting edge mixes between indie/pop and dance/electro music which unite the techno crowd with fans of melodic guitar music.

mJ's interests include:

David Bowie, Devo, Talking Heads, Michael Jackson, Contemporary Art, NASA and Fashion.

mJ has worked with The Forestry Commission, The Sartres, James & The Peach and many others.

 Dennis on-stage in London, 2013

 Dennis on-stage in London, 2013

Dennis White

Having attained Grade 8 Percussion and Drum Kit, and with a working knowledge of synths and studio equipment, Dennis' forward-thinking approach to electronic production gives him a unique, beats-driven sound, which blends electronic music from the 80's to the present day.

Dennis' interests include:

Richie Hawtin, John Foxx, Sasha, David Bowie, New Order,  Devo, Recording Techniques, CERN and budgerigars.

Dennis has worked with The Astronauts, Sasha (DJ), Hertfordshire Jazz Orchestra and many others.



Band Interests

Evolution, Expansion